Easy & Fun Way to

Measure, Motivate and Move your Teams to Greatness!

GAMIFY Goal Focused Behaviors and Values with SQUADLI, Team Performance & Appraisal App and web dashboard. Track Engagement of individuals, teams, multiple teams, or departments while improving Motivation.

Create a comprehensive record of your performance perspectives of your team

Motivate you team with positive reinforcement and awards

Become aware of decreases in motivation and performance before it's too late

Create friendly competition with gamified performance team ranking

Make corrections in attitude by sharing how you feel in a fun, non-confrontational way

Get INSTANT 360 feedback to improve your leadership strategies

Developed by Arthur Carmazzi, Global top 10 leadership and organizational culture thought leader and team performance researcher. Arthur Carmazzi's Squadli app is a product of 17 years of understanding the real issues leaders of organizations have and provides a "Modern" solution in the age where "Complicated" is no longer acceptable in Usable solutions


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